Tests(school) vs Spinners in Cricket

One day this week in English class, we talked about how tests such as the SAT, ACT, and AP tests are created. The tests being as important as they are, have alot of specific alterations and “variation” in them to throw off AP caliber students. For example, there are always streaks of the same answer (A,A,A,A) in order to make the students more skeptical to their initial answer. My favorite trick is in the AP language test when there is always a question of mood on a passage, and one of the choices is something negative like scared, restless, or mad. These specific answers are there to describe the moods of the students taking the test! As a result kids sometimes choose these answers and get the question wrong (reducing college chances:)).

To me, the variation in questions on these big tests meant to trick students is similar to how spinners in cricket use variation to get batsmen out.

Spinners in cricket are bowlers who put spin on the ball to make it deviate off of the ground or pitch. Spinners use a variety of angles, lengths, and turn to outsmart the batsmen, similar to the way tests trick students.For example,  A spinner can bowl from around the wicket once in a while, bringing a different angle for the batsmen to play off of, thus making it harder for a batsmen to judge length and spin. Also, spinners can use a wrong’un and make the ball spin the other way to trick the batsmen.

What is Cricket? cricket

here are some spinners wrecking batsmen.

Just like these tests which “troll” students, spin bowlers can change things up and make slight modifications to try to get the batsmen out. So what does this tell us about cricket and tests?

Basically, spinners unleash their variations when the batsmen are at ease with them, meaning the batsman are beating them. So when tests attempt to troll us students we know why. The tests would be irrelevant within years without the tricks, because these test makers know, without those curveballs in the tests we students would destroy tests like this dude destroys this bowler.


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