Just think about our lives for a minute, we are constantly worried, scared, and skeptical. The universe is infinite and we are just a small spec on a microscopic spec called earth. There is just so much that we do not know. For all we know, currently there could be all race of man-eating basketballs on the way to our planet right now, ready to wage war on us. An alien race could be pointing a missile 400000000000000000000000000000000 x 10^20 times more powerful than a nuke at us. You guys get the idea. We are constantly worried about such MINOR things but we fail to look are the bigger picture. In the long run, these short term problems really do not mean a thing.  Sadly, for most people my age, worries are based around grades. Getting an 87 on a math test should not get you bogged down for a week, you will have plenty more in the future. Who knows what can happen in the future. Our lives are more unpredictable than grades. So why worry in excess about grades?

We should be thankful that we are healthy, alive, and better off than most people in the world.But yet, we worry the most about the most stupid things (cough, cough grades). Well grades are kind of important.

Let us be positive and enjoy life because for all we know, the man-eating basketballs could come tomorrow.



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