Climate Change?

Our planet is amazing. It is truly amazing how lucky the human race is to have such a forgiving place to find home. But not even 3oo years of industrialization and we have severely altered this great planet. Just think about it. The planet is about 4.5 billion years old, and in just 300 years we have changed this ancient planet so much. Carbon emissions are deadly in our atmosphere. There emissions serve as catalysts for melting glaciers, severe hurricanes, droughts, and changing weather conditions.In only 300 years. In addition, we are cutting down forests that absorb this carbon dioxide by the masses.

Since my childhood,  In the back of my mind I always knew of climate change. One video I saw recently opened my eyes ALOT. After watching the video it is hilarious seeing how some of our politicians do not believe in this science of climate change (many of them funded by giant oil companies which have the biggest carbon footprint). It is sad how donors and special interest rule so many of our “politicians”. We cannot solve the problem if some of our leaders do not even believe in it.

Here is the life changing video:

Trust me, some of the things in this video are actually scary. They make you think about how stupid we are as a race as we keep on going with our bad habits with no end in sight.


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