• This picture above is what is required to do math homework these days a computer, graphing calculator, and textbook (I would love to tell you what each item is specifically used for, but then I would have to explain graphing rational functions to you 🙂 ). I am pretty sure this was not the case 20 years ago.

My homework life is amazing. I come home at 4 pm after practice, eat, and then do homework for 3 hours. Oh wait, I probably have to cram two hours of studying after. All in all, my bedtime is around 1:30 a.m. That is pretty decent, but I am not even in Tennis season.

On top of that, I am blessed that AP testing, League finals, CIF and Finals (school) fall in the same two months.

So yes, If I am sleeping at 1:30 am consistently, then add two or three hours to that as my season sleeping time. So at most 4 hours a sleep per night during season  because of three AP classes and playing Varsity (Last year was 5 hours of sleep, with one AP class, and playing JV).

I hope in certain classes, homework becomes optional. The way I see it is that the kids that want to get an A will do SOME of the homework, as much as they feel comfortable with. On the other hand those that do not strive for top marks just won’t attempt it. That will show teachers who really cares about their grades. Also, there is no going “over the top” in assigning repetitive homework (notoriously found in math and spanish classes) as homework will be optional.

Don’t believe me, believe Stanford:

Stanford research shows pitfalls of homework

And yes, there are teachers that understand our problems with homework and assign very little (and fun/meaningful). Shout out to them, they do not understand how much easier they make our lives.


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