Maru Nam

So for the last two days in my English class, our teacher guided us through close analysis of a chapter from the book The House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. The chapter was based off of the main character’s name, Esperanza, and how she is not such a huge fan of that name.

So first off, I would like to note how interesting close reading and analysis can be. Personally, I find it crazy how an author’s writing style (word placement,symbolism, comparisons, etc…) can have such a deeper meaning than just what the text says.

My parents hail from Gujurat, a state in northwestern India. “Maru Nam” means my name.

(Quick 3 min cheesy video about the state, If you watched it I have been to all of those places 🙂

Sorry Esperanza, I respectfully disagree with you.  I really love my name, even though it is weird, and hard for people to say. I believe my name fits me perfectly as I am proud of my Indian heritage. I am the only other “Harshin”in my whole school district (I have only met one other Harshin in real life). The name means one who brings happiness in Sanskrit. I really cannot thank my parents enough for giving me a name as “weird” as me. Anyways. I hope people like Esperanza just try to see the positives in having a “weird” name. Trust me, when I was younger even I sometimes thought I had a terrible name. But once you grow up, you realize all a name does is tell people where you come from. Not how amazing you are as an individual in society.


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